Jaclyn Lesley Jones is the founder, creator and designer of Jaclyn Jones USA. Her passion for creativity and her “everything is possible” mindset are the driving forces behind the brand.

As a woman, Jaclyn had become very familiar with the lack of practicality in most women’s footwear, especially those sitting in the designer space. Moved by a desire to look good without walking like an injured animal, Jaclyn sought the long-headed path to create such a product that women could not only enjoy looking at, but actually feel their best in. She aimed to whole-heartedly tackle the notion that comfort requires a sacrifice in style.

With a clear vision, unwavering determination, and strong educational and professional background in the industry, Jaclyn made her dream a reality. Her taste for refined design combined with her spontaneous and entrepreneurial spirit gives her an unparalleled edge in the industry.

Outside of designing footwear, Jaclyn and Douglas, her dog-child, enjoy drinking wine and watching movies on the couch in their Los Angeles home. While her time at home is important to Jaclyn (and Douglas), she is always planning her next adventure. Her insatiable desire to travel has taken her around the world to all 7 continents and the travel-bug only grows stronger. Between wine-dog dates, traveling, and running a company, her commitment to serving her community and inspiring others remains her true passion. In addition to being part of a volunteer organization, she has dedicated a portion of business profits to help in long-term community impact. Jaclyn Jones USA partners with organizations such as the Junior League to help make lasting change to local communities. 

Douglas with Jaclyn Jones

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Follow along as Jaclyn shares glimpses into her life as a business owner, footwear designer, dog mom, and world traveler. 


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