"Like you, I had grown tired of seeing the same mass-produced luxury shoes everywhere I went. This is why we create only 18 (or less) pairs of any given style - so the women who wear our shoes are part of something truly unique. You’ll find each pair is hand-numbered on the bottom, like the pieces of art they are."
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From start to finish, our shoes are stitched and completed by the hands of just a few skilled artisans in our boutique factory in Los Angeles, California. In an effort to re-direct the spotlight towards the intricate craft of shoemaking, the personality of each pair can be seen through quality craftsmanship and thoughtful hand finishes.
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I've never been more proud and more excited to put on a pair of shoes than I am when I slip into a pair of my Jaclyn Jones. Not only are each pair elegantly made with precision and immense attention to detail, but they are unquestionably the most comfortable and most frequently complimented shoes in my closet. Eager to add another pair to my JJUSA collection!

- Jenn S.

My JJUSA boots are everything! They are perfect with your favorite denim for a casual night out or to complete a chic look with your favorite LBD and are actually comfortable! Every time I wear them I get compliments and people ask where I got them!

- Tara J.
Never in my life has any shoe I've worn looked so amazing and felt so comfortable! Shoes from Jaclyn Jones USA will supplement your wardrobe, not for the year, but for decades. Each pair I own is absolutely exquisite and they feel like you’re floating on air.
– Catherine Grace O.
I want to wear my JJUSA shoes all the time. Not only are they absolutely beautiful, but they can be worn for several hours with zero negative impact on my feet. It actually feels like I’m wearing high-heeled sneakers! It’s hard to go back to wearing any of the other heels in my closet
- Jacqueline D.
My JJUSA sandals are elegant, comfortable and just all around stunning. The level of detail is what makes these shoes so special and different than anything else I own.
– Ginny H.
Every time I wear my JJUSA boots, it’s like displaying a work of art. I get stopped constantly and asked where my shoes are from. I am so looking forward to seeing what else JJUSA comes out with!
– Krystal D.
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