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At Jaclyn Jones USA, we believe personal style can be both transformative and empowering. 
The Jaclyn Jones woman is daring yet timeless

She is flirty, yet elegant. She is not dictated by the rules of seasons or trends, but craves the freedom of creating her own personal interpretations of fashion. Success follows her because of her ambitious spirit and confidence, and she naturally inspires those around her with her authenticity. She fuses effortless femininity with just a hint of rebellion. Ultimately, the Jaclyn Jones USA woman is just like you. Some days we feel like the ultimate boss lady: bold, fearless and structured, while other days we throw our hair into a messy bun and give into our more relaxed style. Regardless of the day, we approach the world well-dressed and confident.

At the core of Jaclyn Jones USA lies a knowledge and passion for life's finer details and a commitment to honest, local craftsmanship. Entirely handcrafted in USA with the highest quality materials from around the world, each couture piece is beaming with the attention to detail that each woman deserves.


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